English 2

Transforming a Manuscript into a Book
We complete the manuscript and then the next phases of editing, design, proofreading and correction begin. With some books we will zoom by these next phases fairly quickly. Beware however: everything as from Blurb service may take time again.

  • You wrote the manuscript and I come in after completion

Are we meeting after you have already completed (or nearly completed) your manuscript, usually my work entails a number of the next phases.
Manuscript Analysis: I read and assess a part of the manuscript and give you feedback on it in a conversation (per Skype if not in person). In this feedback I can also advise which of the next phases would be wise to apply to the manuscript at hand.
Foundation and Structure of the Manuscript: How are the chapters building upon each other, is the subject matter divided in logical parts, or is ‘logic’ in this book not necessary? Is anything missing from the book?
Text Sieve: The parts of the text that add no value to the manuscript need to be cut out. This is a painful chore and most authors get drained if they have to do that themselves. So that is why you have me.
Enhancing the Theme of the Book: Are all parts contributing to a good comprehension of what you (the author) want to communicate? Is there a sparkle and juiciness to the text that engages the readers’ curiosity and wonder?

  • We cooperated on the completion of the manuscript

Blurb Service: The short text on the back of the book is the most important text in selling your ideas and your book. You need a blurb for your book that will tickle and inspire your desired audience and creating this text usually takes a number of versions before it suits your taste. I can provide you with a ‘kickass’ first version.

Designing the Inside of the Book: What form is right for the structure of your book? What is the choice for the design of the first few pages, the headers and other text elements? And after designing, the proofreading and correction phase is a must: to check for all the language stuff that escaped scrutiny before now. This is done by someone with the right skill and experience – a monks patience and perseverance – and cannot be done by someone that had already spent a lot of time on the book. A fresh pair of eyes for the proofreading phase is mandatory.

Designing the Cover of the Book: The cover of the book is called ‘Prime Real Estate’ by some publishers. So what will be the packaging of your message, your ideas? What is going to be the title, subtitle and the illustration (if any), what will be the way your name is put on it? What color scheme suits your message? For getting the best result, do invest in a good design from someone with a lot of experience in the field. I can help you assess the suggested designs, or I can help you find your designer.

Self Publishing: There are many printing-on-demand businesses that love to produce your book. I can help you assess the quoted prices and other details.

Publishing Houses: Finding a literary agent or publisher that would like to add your book to their list is getting more difficult by the year: the book trade is going through a major change. This is one of the reasons why it is good to have a self published edition in mind. If demand for your book is getting to a point where you can shop for publishers and literary agents, you have a good starting point in the negotiations: your sales figures and publicity.

E-pub/Digital edition/Slidedoc: Especially when aiming at a wide audience, it may pay to have an e-pub or digital edition of your book. It saves trees and costs of logistics, and the impulse to buy and start reading your book may be put into action 24/7. I can help you find a facilitator for this kind of publishing and will in fact, when working with you on the structure of your book, keep in mind that a digital edition must be feasible.

High End Edition: When setting the bar, imagine a high end edition of the book (hard cover, cover sleeve, reading ribbon, full color illustrations) if the market is ready for it. Such an edition will complement the full spectrum of publishing possibilities of your book.

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